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Are you a wounded warrior, a hopeless romantic or a free spirit? Psychologist reveals the 8 love archetypes we all fall into - and what they mean for YOUR relationships

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Shaky Politics in 2011

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Obama Ate With Harvey in the West Village... But His Fate Was Sealed on the Bowery

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The Marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Blog post: Shaky Politics in 2011


My Second Chance BeeBe's Book club at Nona's House has selected The Eleven Eternal Principles (2009, Ten Speed Press) by Dr. Carmen Harra, PhD, as their Spring 2010 book selection.

Interview on The Beautiful Goddess Blog - January 2010

Dr. Harra was featured in the NY POST SUNDAY FEB.9TH ON PAGE 6:
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at the launching of the "Alliance of New Humanity"

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