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Five Things You Must Do in 2013

Call them resolutions. Call them strategies for self-improvement. Call them what you will - these are the five things you must do this year to improve your well-being on all levels. Effective and necessary for growth, the fabulously flawless resolutions below will restore inner harmony and help you truly revitalize your life this brand new year.
  • 1.) Show Yourself More Compassion: We often don't realize just how harsh we are on ourselves. We critique ourselves constantly, blame ourselves for the tiniest of mistakes, and judge ourselves for every inevitable failure. And although this lack of self-compassion stems from our never-ending need for improvement, we have to know which aspects of our self to change and which ones we should leave exactly as they are. Believe me, you are already doing your best! So quiet the nagging voice in your mind which chastises your choices or reminds you of your shortcomings. Love must start with the self; from there, it can spread to others. After all, if you don't show yourself love, how can you expect to show it to someone else? This is the year to start loving yourself unconditionally, have mercy on yourself, and accept your perfect imperfections.
  • 2.) Make Thoughtful Decisions: More often than not, we jump into situations without thinking. We may associate ourselves with the wrong people without hesitation or eat all the wrong things without thinking twice. Later, we regret our poor choices. Decisions which are made without conscious contemplation end up being bad decisions. Once we rationalize a spontaneous desire to do something, we almost always decide against it. We must learn to lay out the potential pros and cons of making any choice. Remember that emotions are decisions as well; we can choose to feel anger, sadness, or joy. Follow this rule of thumb for smart decision-making: before diving into anything, think of the three reasons you feel compelled to take this action. What are your true reasons? Get to the bottom of your motives. Are you impelled by envy, desperation, or greed? Or are you driven by determination, self-evolution, and a need to do good? Keep your intentions pure and your decisions well thought out so that your actions now will never feel like mistakes later.
  • 3.) Find Your Divine: You may refer to that almighty force as God or Spirit, but it truly does not matter what you creed you choose to follow. What is important is that you believe in a force beyond our world. Having faith changes the way we look at our own lives. It makes us believe that there is an end to our problems in sight. It also gives us something to look forward to, as we gain strength knowing that there is something or someone greater looking over us and guiding us towards the right path. People of a strong faith tend to have a more positive outlook on life because they more easily accept that everything - both good and bad - happens for a bigger reason which they will one day understand. Faith impacts our brains in two ways: first, it helps us distinguish between right and wrong so that we steer clear of doing wrong. Second, it allows us to accept factors which are out of our reach so that we don't feel frustrated when things don't go our way. Find your Divine through daily exercises which help yo
  • u reach a higher sense of being, such as simple prayers, deep meditations, and powerful chants.
  • 4.) Cleanse From the Inside Out: Our physical appearance is a reflection of what's on the inside. Since this is the year to take care of you, that means taking extra care of what's inside of you. We've become so obsessed with looking good on the outside that we completely ignore what may be brewing on the inside. We harbor negative emotions and hurtful memories which can turn into physical disorders. Go deep within and detach from past experiences, sort out your emotions, and understand your true intentions. Take 30 minutes out your day, each day, to enjoy "me" time. Meditate, relax in a quiet place, walk in the outdoors, or practice your favorite hobby. Discover new talents and knacks as you bask in your own beautiful being. Consider this personal time a cleansing of the soul, a purging of lingering negativity, and a much-needed detoxification of your mind. When you discover peace in your heart, you radiate it to the outside world. You will begin to look as good as you feel.
  • 5.) Reinvent Your Calling: You may be aware of your life calling, but what are you doing to go after it? If you notice that prior attempts haven't brought success, restrategize the way you go about manifesting your mission. The number one law of the universe is motion; nothing in our world is stagnant. You, too, must live by this law. The more you move towards your goal, the more likely you are to reach it. Don't be discouraged by failed attempts. They are simply the Divine's way of telling you to try another route. And if you haven't yet discovered your vocation, now is the time to go inward and evaluate what you were destined to do in this lifetime. Don't give up on your journey; you have much work to do to fulfill your soul's contract with the universe. Make it a labor of love.

These are the five things you must do this year. Start now and take it day by day. By the end of 2013, you will feel awakened, alive, and living with a purpose!

Wishing you the Best Year Yet,
Dr. Carmen Harra

Dr. Carmen Harra

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