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Banish Bad Energy from Everyday Life

Tips to Overcome Negative Energy from Others and Uplift your own Energy Levels

Nature designed us as social creatures-we were meant to mingle, communicate constantly, and connect with each other on so many levels. It should come as no surprise, then, that in going about our daily routines, we come into contact with hundreds of different energies each day: speaking with friends and family, listening to the many voices on TV, picking up tidbits of conversation from coworkers, even asking the barista at your local coffee shop for your morning brew means you're connecting!

But what happens when we encounter less-than-positive people and are forced to stand within their dark energetic field?

This too comes with our daily dose of interaction, and since we can't help who we'll run into, we must learn how to block out the energies that might be harmful to us. Follow my seven simple steps to stop other people's moods from affecting you and keep your energy clean and clear:

  • 1.) Identify the people who are prone to be in a bad mood: Identify the people around you who are most likely to express negative energy. These might be people who are under a lot of pressure, are going through a difficult time, or just have a personality that's prone to a bad attitude. Many people simply see the glass as half empty rather than half full.
  • 2.) Identify how their bad mood is affecting you: understand what that negative energy is doing to your state of being, to your emotions, and to your ability to function. Once you understand the impact, you will realize that their moods might be affecting you more than you think, leaving you physically drained and mentally exhausted. Our spirits absorb the energy around us just as much as our bodies absorb oxygen from the air.
  • 3.) Avoid those who give off bad energy: There is no reason for you to have to "put up with" anyone else's bad mood, whether this person is your boss, friend, or family member. If you know someone who is constantly in a bad mood despite the circumstances of their life, it might be time for you to politely place a bit of space between you and them. That said, we can't run the other way whenever we see someone wearing a scowl (we'd be running every second of the day), but we can shy away from people who emit chronic negativity and get closer to those who praise positivity.
  • 4.) Find a peaceful place: When you find someone else's energy is becoming toxic, try to retreat to a place of solitude. This might be your own private office, your bedroom, even your car if you have nowhere else to go. The important thing is that you withdraw yourself from the negative energy and take a minute to recharge your own energy. When someone's energy has made you feel uncomfortable, try affirmations: you can say things like, "I love myself therefore I protect my energy from the harmful vibes of others."
  • 5.) Create a shield of protection: don't allow others to tap into your field of energy; your energy field is your very own personal space of being, and very few people should be allowed access to this private part of your self. If you're a genuinely open person who invites others into your "energy bubble," you give them the opportunity to modify your mood and well-being to their liking. When someone enters your energy field, their bad mood can certainly enter as well. If you feel that this happens to you often, keep your energetic doors closed to invaders.
  • 6.) Exercises to purify your energy: Just as we exercise our bodies, we have to exercise our emotions, too. Practice controlling your emotions within a normal range in order to keep them healthy. Remember that the more you enable your anger, the more the nerve cells of your brain will become used to this emotion and evoke it often. Similarly, the more you practice feelings of tranquility, unconditional love, and rational thinking, the more you will naturally slip into these moods. For every situation, seek a solution through a healing, optimistic attitude rather than destructive, unruly emotions.
  • 7.) Keep your own moods in check: If you're angry, don't allow it to escalate to rage. If you're sad, don't allow yourself to become depressed. We often believe we don't have the power to control our emotions, but we do! We tend to enable our emotions by feeding into the negative ones like anger, jealousy, and sadness. Instead, we need to choose to halt our negative emotions before they take control of us. Our greatest mistakes are made in moments of anger, which raises adrenaline levels and takes hold of our actions.
  • Though our moods naturally fluctuate, it's not fair to us to allow others to have a negative influence on how we feel. But we must also remember that feeling good ultimately begins within us, meaning we have to work hand in hand with our own emotions to stay balanced. Take my seven simple steps into consideration the next time you connect with the energy of others-it might be very soon!

Yours in Love and Service,
Dr. Carmen Harra

Dr. Carmen Harra

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