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The 5 Keys to Health and Longevity

There are many actions you can take to promote great health, but we tend to overlook some of the simplest and most obvious ones. Below are five important factors which can help you live a beautifully long life. Eating wholesome foods and exercising regularly are, of course, critical in this case, but I wanted to remind you of a few long-standing solutions which are proven to enhance both the quality and the duration of our lives. Follow my five keys to health and longevity and watch your life grow longer and more joyful each day.

  • LIFE PURPOSE: The first key is rooted in your unique life purpose. Few people actually live with a purpose, or maybe they haven’t discovered what their true calling really is. But when you live purposefully, you train your mind to need to live longer because you acknowledge that you have work to do and require time to complete it. Remind yourself each day that you have a mission to accomplish and aren’t anywhere close to finishing it.
  • GENETICS: The second key lies within your genes. Understanding your genetics is critical in preventing disease. Anticipating certain illnesses which tend to run in your family can literally save your life. Know your family history, and be aware of the genetic factors which have repeated in your lineage. For example, if a number of people in your family had cancer, get routine or even extra screenings to check for any early, unwanted changes. Once you discover where the genetic issues lie in other family members, you can act to stop these illnesses from reoccurring in your own life.
  • SACRED RITUALS: The third key is spending sacred time each day. We are such busy creatures that we completely forget to take a time out. You show so much effort to take care of everyone around you that you forget to take care of the most important person: YOU. No matter how much you have to do, take 30 minutes out your day, each day, to enjoy "me" time. Breathe deeply, meditate, relax in a quiet place, walk in the outdoors, or practice your favorite hobby. Expand your talents and explore new areas of your complex self. Consider this personal time a cleansing of the soul, a purging of negativity, and a detox of your mind. You will begin to have a more accepting, less stressful outlook which will also prolong your life.
  • SOCIALIZE: The fourth key encourages you to be a social butterfly. Being around others can enhance your mood and increase your lifespan. This is because being in good company rewires the neurons in your brain. The “feel good” neurons begin to interact and multiply, and you start to display a more positive mentality. Things which used to bother you affect you less and less. Laughter is essential, and it must be shared with those you love. Get together with people who make you feel good – we can learn so much from each other just by sitting and talking! Plato believed that the ultimate truth can be reached through dialogue, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about the truth of your own life just by listening to the experiences of others.
  • MODERATION: The fifth key reminds you of moderation. Nothing holds more truth than the phrase: “Everything in moderation.” When we commit ourselves to cultivate health, we are committing ourselves to total awareness of our actions. This means that we assume the responsibility to take actions which promote excellent health. You really can enjoy anything and everything, from sweets to alcohol to meat to coffee. The key is not to consume a few foods in excess, but to enjoy a large variety of foods in moderation. Keep yourself on the moderate track by allowing yourself two cheat days a week. Promise to be good from Monday through Friday then take the weekend off to go out and indulge in your favorite things without guilt.

I truly hope that my five keys to health and longevity help you live the long, joyful, and extraordinary life you deserve!

To life and love,
Dr. Carmen Harra

Dr. Carmen Harra

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