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How to Remain Calm During a Crisis

In the wake of a crisis such as a natural disaster or death in the family, we find our minds reeling with unease. Yet this is perhaps the most crucial time to employ logic towards the resolution of our problem. So what can we do to ensure that we remain calm, collected, and focused during a distressing time? Here are a few tips:

  • - Return to your faith: Crises return us to our faith. Regardless of our creed, we feel an almost instinctive need to connect with the Divine when enduring a difficult time. We automatically begin to pray and ask for help from beyond, as we feel the universe will hear us and guide us in the right direction. Make your crisis your motivation to regain faith in a higher force which can come to your aid when in need.
  • - Think outside of your situation: What would you advise someone going through your same situation? We often find it difficult to guide ourselves properly because our own emotions are involved. But when we remove ourselves just a bit, and momentarily step outside the box, we can see the full spectrum of our dilemma as well as the easiest way out.
  • - See beyond the moment: Understand that this dire moment is only temporary. Envision the ultimate resolution to your crisis and be assured that this negative event has happened for a reason which you will later understand and accept. The more you are able to think in terms of the future, the quicker your problems in the present will pass.
  • - Restrategize immediately: When something bad has happened, you need to employ a recovery strategy right away. Don't sit as the bystander of your own life crisis; always act as the referee of your battles and know that you have full power over the outcome. When you act decisively, you can redirect yourself out of a negative situation and regain control of future events.
  • - Spread hope to others: No matter what you're going through, no matter what the world is going through, there is a little thing called hope. And hope is what can get you through anything. Whenever you feel hopeless, I want you to find one person you love (your partner, family member, neighbor, or friend) and embrace them as tightly as you can. Find hope in them, and realize that you must keep your own sense of hope strong for those you love. We can replenish each other’s hope in tomorrow with a simple hug. And the easiest way to fill our own hearts with hope is to spread it to others.
  • - Grow and evolve: Every experience in life, whether good or bad, is a learning opportunity. When we acknowledge that everything happens to us for a greater reason and also for our ultimate good, we can meet our challenges head on and conquer them more easily than we can imagine. Learn from your mistakes and grow with your tests; this will resolve your karma so that you don't have to repeat any life challenge twice. Remember that blessings often come disguised as tragedies.

Use these tips to help you overcome the inevitable crises we all experience in life. They will empower you with mental clarity, soulful tranquility, and help you to transform any difficult moment into a personal victory.

To peace and perseverance,
Dr. Carmen Harra

Dr. Carmen Harra

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