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11 Affirmations for Financial Success:

The force of the spoken word is undeniable, and the words we choose to speak mark the first step towards self-manifestation. Begin your day by reciting one (or all!) of these affirmations to reaffirm your powers of prosperity and reclaim your right to be wealthy.

1.) I am at the peak of my financial pyramid; I am wealthy, and money comes to me effortlessly.

2.) I will never lack what I need, and I will certainly never lack what I want.

3.) My natural, God-given talents will always provide financial sustenance for me.

4.) I never need to worry about not having enough money; the Divine provides everything for me in just the right timing and just the right portions.

5.) My financial future is without limits; I will soon pass through the gateway to financial freedom.

6.) My struggles with money are momentary; just as money is sparse now, so it will be plentiful tomorrow.

7.) I have been blessed to know wealth before, and I will be blessed to know it again.

8.) Each day, my investments will double in value and my earnings will multiply tenfold.

9.) Today, I will correct all of my financial wrongs and start on the right path towards financial fulfillment.

10.) My money is secure where it is, and I my emotions are secure in the wonderful things I own.

11.) I understand that to receive I have to first give. I will stirve each day to give back to others in a meaningful way.


Dr. Carmen Harra

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