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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The shooting in Tucson

People can learn to access compassion by applying many of the eternal principles to their own lives. For example, compassion is contingent to the Law of Love. One cannot have compassion unless he knows how to love without limits. Loving unconditionally heals our hatred and tendency to conflict with others and reminds us of our Divine nature. This also ties into the Law of Totality and the fact that all people are one and are united with the Divine. Compassion pours forth if you acknowledge your sacred bond to the other members of this Earth. Also, the Law of Harmony states that there is a Divine order in the universe, and that we must be in harmony with everyone and everything: we are meant to live in good relationships with all people living on this planet. This is a critical part of reaching common ground and not fighting against one another about "who's right and who's wrong." If we live in a combative manner because we think only we are right, in the end we will all be wrong. The moment we begin to fight among ourselves, we begin to create what is called negative karma; the Law of Karma is the number one law of spirituality and this is the almighty law we have to answer to anytime we kill, we accuse, we judge, we hate, we are proud, etc. But above all, there is nothing worse than being combative to the point of killing another human over opposing ideas, beliefs, etc. These overly-strong opinions about politics, these wrong reasons to wage war upon others, these superficial excuses to trigger emotions of hatred among us...these are distractions from life and the beauty that could be life. As one of my favorite quotes states: "When the Power of Love, overcomes the Love of Power, the world will know Peace."

The recent shooting in Tucson, AZ demonstrated just how conflicted and exaggerated we are when it comes to political views. The younger generation wants their voices to be heard, but some of them can come across too aggressively. I did my thesis on "Imposters in Adolescence," and I know that Jared Lee Loughner (the shooter) is still of an age where doesn't yet understand the consequences of his actions. I believe he had big problems with people in his family, his mother and father especially. I sense that he felt misunderstood by and alienated from his family. He therefore lashed out in violence. Kids born between 1984 to 1996 have tendencies towards very destructive behaviour. In the last 12 years, from 1999 up to now, we have seen a seeming surge in episodes of sheer violence catapulted by adolescents. If were to compile a statistic on their birth dates, we would interestingly see that these victims of self-destruction were born between 1984 to 1996. The astrological explanation is that the destructive planet, Pluto, reigned in the house of Scorpio during these 12 years.

Carmen Harra Ph.D.


Dr. Carmen Harra

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