Dr. Carmen Harra | Intuitive psychologist, relationship expert, bestselling author, radio show host, and TV personality

Celebrity Testimonials

Carmen is the best.

Shirley MacLaine

Multi-award-winning actress

Through Carmen, one sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible.

Candice Bergen

Emmy–winning actress

Committed is a practical manual for anyone seeking to build and maintain a stable relationship.

John Gray

Bestselling author

The scope and magnitude, not to mention multitude, of talents and gifts of this woman are simply extraordinary.

April Masini

President & CEO Masini Television

Dr. Harra gives our mind a reason to accept what our heart already knows - that love is the great healer of life.

Darren Weissman

Bestselling author

Everyday Karma is a practical manual for personal growth and transformation. It is easy to follow and can dramatically change your life for the better.

Deepak Chopra

Author of "How to Know God"

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