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20 Questions to The Right Track

There comes a time in each of our lives when we must ask ourselves perhaps the most challenging question: am I on the right track? From work to health to family, the decisions we make will inevitably affect both us and those around us. Our rational mind may tell us to go one way, but our intuition may lead us down a different route. So which way is the right way?

One of the greatest feats of life is to follow your destiny. Now you may ask, what exactly is destiny? Many people think of their destiny as their predetermined path, meaning what they’re meant to do, who they’re meant to be with, how they’re meant to live, etc. But is our destiny really pre-fixed for us before we’re even born or do we create it along the way? The answer depends on who you’re asking.

In my own opinion, destiny is a mixture of things that are meant to happen and things that you make happen. It’s like making food based on a recipe: you have to follow the recipe, but you also have the free will to add in your own ingredients and unique flavors. That’s your life, a delicious combination of destiny and free will.

Sometimes, though, life becomes so overwhelming and convoluted that we just can’t fathom what’s the next step in our destiny. For example, two people who fall in love and decide to marry. They start a new life together, invest in a property, a car, have and raise children. Then, years later, problems arise and they decide to divorce. Were they even meant to marry at all? Or did they make a terrible mistake? Was it in their destiny to have the children they had together? These are difficult questions to answer, since there may be no right answer.

In situations like these which leave us without a clear answer – and there are many – we wish to have a direct line to the Divine. We’d like to pick up the phone and call Spirit to have our questions quickly answered by the one who's in charge. If only it were that simple! But since very few people have the Divine on speed dial, we are left to rely on things like intuition, emotions, premonitions, signs from the other side, and other such clues in order to conclude whether we’re going down the right path.

Life offers many paths, and they all lead to different end points. Being on the right path can apply to any area of life; we all want to know if the person we’ve chosen to share our lives with is the right one for us. We want to find out if our relationship with a new partner will work. We want to make sure we’re working in a field that satisfies our life calling, or is our job now actually doing us more harm than good in terms of personal fulfillment? Should we move to a new home? Our doctor says we need a surgery, should we go through with it or try alternative treatments? On any given day, we’re faced with countless life questions and before us lie many forks in the road. We can take one path or another, the combinations are truly endless. But while we have many choices, there is only one right path which leads us to our highest good.

20 Questions To The Right Track:

Ask yourself the following questions every time you need to evaluate whether you’re on the right track. They apply to any element of life - work, love, family – so you can use them to determine whether you’re employing the correct course of action in nearly any instance. Answer each question honestly. Your own answers are self-revealing: they will show you if you should push forward or take a step back and restrategize. Here they are:

  • 1.) Are my intentions pure?   Before action comes intention. What you intend to do is just as important as what you actually do. Intentions are the basis of our actions, but even during this premature state of decision-making, we can realize whether we’re about to make the right choice or not. If our intentions are tainted by greed, selfishness, or other negative motives, we should not act out on them.
  • 2.) Am I acting in good faith? Acting in good faith means acting in a way which reflects fairness and kindness. If your actions are not in good faith, you should not proceed. As a golden rule, endeavors which are not taken up in good faith are more likely to fail or backfire.
  • 3.) What would the person I admire most do? This is a “What Would Jesus Do?” kind of question. We all have someone we look up to and admire, someone whose judgment we trust without hesitation. Maybe this person is your mother, your best friend, or your mentor. Regardless, when faced with the difficult life choice of whether you’re on the right path, you should consider what decisions that person would make if they were in your exact same situation.
  • 4.) Does this situation cause me fear or anxiety? What sort of emotions is a certain situation causing you? Negative emotions like fear, anxiety, or worry may be premonitory to a negative outcome. If you continue to feel fear in regards to a certain aspect despite your confidence level being high, your approach may not be the right one. Pay attention to your feelings along the way. Often they will dictate whether you’re on the path that’s best for you.
  • 5.) What is my ultimate goal? German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.” What are you ultimately planning to get out of it by following one path? Your ultimate goal should be something highly rewarding that fulfills you on many levels on being. It shouldn’t be simply to avoid an uncomfortable situation or leave a task incomplete.
  • 6.) Is this realistic? Judging by how I’ve lived by own life, I'm the last person to tell you that something you want isn't realistic; I’ve reached for only those dreams which seemed out of my reach. But there is a fine line between reality and fantasy; if your path involves something which even you know if completely unattainable, you may want to rethink your intended course of action.
  • 7.) Am I hurting anyone in the process? Always follow the principle of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Never hurt anyone just to get ahead.
  • 8.) What will happen in 5 years from now? You have not only to think of the months ahead, but also the years ahead. Thinking in terms of the long run allows you to plan more carefully and increases your chances of long-term success. Ask yourself, if I continue down this path where will I be in 5, 10, even 20 years from now?
  • 9.) Am I getting any Divine signals? The Divine is trying to tell you something, are you listening? Always pay attention to signs from Spirit, they are your ultimate guide to making the right decisions.
  • 10.) What is my intuition telling me to do? Your intuition is like a fail-proof GPS. If you follow it, you’ll end up exactly where you need to be. Don’t dismiss gut feelings or sentiments that something’s just not right; this is your own subconscious mind trying to communicate something important to you.
  • 11.) Is my plan well founded? Just as each man-made structure must have a strong skeleton to stand, so too must your plan have a sturdy foundation in order to be well carried out. Don’t dive into something new just to do it without first laying the ground work for your plan.
  • 12.) In which way is this benefiting me? Being on the right track in regards to any situation will ultimately benefit you. Though there may be sacrifice along the way, if you’re on the right track you will reap the fruits of your labor.
  • 13.) Is this an experience which allows me to evolve, learn, and grow? Every experience in life should offer us plenty of room to expand our consciousness and become the truest version of ourselves. Don’t go down paths which constrict your innate abilities or stifle your talents - choose the path on which you soul is at peace and your mind constantly engaged.
  • 14.) Why am I facing so many blockages? Blockages can indicate that you’re almost, almost pushing through the door to a new breakthrough. But unnecessary blockages can also mean that you’re going down the wrong road and you must turn around to find a new pathway. It’s critical to understand the difference between blockages which are for your own good and blockages which are clear signs from the divine to try a different route.
  • 15.) Am I taking too great of a risk? Risk-taking can be a beautiful and rewarding thing, but taking too much of a risk can be dangerous. If you want to quit your job without having a new source of income planned, you may be engaging in risky behavior. In general, try to secure your next steps before you take a risk. There are no guarantees in life, but you can try to set up a strategy rather than just jump into things without a plan.
  • 16.) What are my plans B and C? Don’t forget that some roads are dead ends. When we encounter a big wall in front of us we often stop and ask, “now what?” This is why we must incorporate a plan B and a plan C into our journey. If our first plan of action fails, at least we have something to fall back on without wasting any time.
  • 17.) Is this in my destiny? Back to the question of free will vs. destiny. If we are to believe that half of our lives are based on pure destiny, then we must work to fulfill the predestined aspect just as much as we work to make our free will become our reality. We all have a soul code that contains every detail of our destiny. What does yours say about you? To calculate your soul code, just add up the numbers in your birthday and reduce them to one single digit. You won’t believe just how accurately our soul codes can lead us to the correct path.
  • 18.) What is my real motive? We all have an ulterior motive in taking any action. If you want to be in a relationship with someone, obviously your ulterior motive is that you seek stability, inner fulfillment, good company, and maybe someday a family. Sometimes our real motives may become obscure, so that we can’t really make them out anymore. For example, if you’re in a relationship which you know isn’t right for you, is your motive really to try and work things out or are you afraid of change and being alone? We must contemplate our real motives with every step we make to ensure they’re still clear.
  • 19.) What’s the worst that can happen? We always have to think of the best as well as the worst possible scenario. We shouldn't live thinking that everything’s going to work out for us without any bumps along the way. If you’re headed down a particular path, make sure you understand what hurdles you might have to overcome.
  • 20.) Is this really what I want to do? Without realizing, we often put ourselves second to others; our spouse, our kids, our family members sometimes come first even in times when we should place ourselves as our number one priority. After all, this is your life and you’re the only one who has to live it! Self-sacrifice is sometimes necessary for the well-being of others, but you must also remember to uphold your own needs and wants. Make sure that each major decision you make comes from your own inner desires.

As you make your way down the winding path of life, remember to ask yourself these key questions to keep you centered on the road towards fulfillment.

Wishing you success,
Dr. Carmen Harra

Dr. Carmen Harra

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