The Eleven Eternal Principles

The Eleven Eternal Principles
by Carmen Harra, PhD.
ISBN-10: 1580911978
ISBN-13: 978-1580911979
Publisher: Crossing Press
Release date: Nov 2009

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The success of books such as The Secret and A New Earth shows that people desire to expand their consciousness on a personal and planetary level. Harra's message is uplifting and comforting while offering readers a sense of interconnectedness and empowerment. This book is for the spiritual seeker looking for grounded, practical principles to live by in this lifetime.

From the Publisher:

▶ The first book to describe all 11 eternal principles, or divine laws, governing the universe: totality, karma, wisdom, love, harmony, abundance, attraction, evolution, manifestation, destiny, and nonlocality.
 Complex esoteric concepts are presented accessibly with applications for daily life.


My Second Chance BeeBe's Book club at Nona's House has selected The Eleven Eternal Principles as their Spring 2010 book selection.

Dr Carmen Harra has penned a special book that illuminates the spiritual life: If we find meaning in the challenges that confront us, we can breakthrough to a life of growth, mission, and ongoing miracle. - James Redfield, author of the Celestine Prophecy.

"Dr. Carmen Harra has done a magnificent job of bringing ancient metaphysical teachings to life. Using these keys, The Eleven Eternal Principles can unlock doors you did not know were closed. The result: newfound strength, inner peace, and health. A great book!" - Laurie Nadel, Ph.D. Host, The Dr. Laurie Show, Genesis Communications Network. Author, Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power (ASJA Press)

The Eleven Eternal Principles will open your consciousness to the fascinating wisdom and clarity from Dr. Carmen Harra and it help you awaken to the great opportunity to change your life (for the better) now. - Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Carmen Harra has done an outstanding job in explaining the Universal principles that govern karma, wisdom, love, harmony, abundance, attraction, evolution, manifestation, destiny, and non-locality. This book is a wonderful way to learn and grow and and reading it will forever change the way you perceive the world. Highly recommended.” - Arielle Ford, author The Soul Mate Secret