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Wednesday February 2, 2011

Shaky Politics in 2011

At the end of 2009, I predicted that 2010 will be a year of physical earthquakes. And I felt that earthquakes will continue throughout 2011, only not the kind you may be thinking: this year will be the year of earthquakes of the system, or "political earthquakes." As I accurately predicted on Positively Incorrect with Scott Cluthe and in Ring magazine in December of 2010, this year will begin with substantial turmoil of the political kind, including the collapse of multiple forms of government and the resignation of leaders from various parts of the world. What we see in Egypt right now is only the beginning of an ever-spreading epidemic of political eruptions. As an analogy, it took the wall of Berlin to fall for communist countries to become freed from the regime. Today, we find ourselves in a similar do-or-die situation: this time in our history is the end of an era and the beginning of a new system. What we see may seem like chaos, and I can understand why our leaders are scared for the future. But there is neither a reason to be afraid, nor does fear bring about any good.

On the contrary, we cannot step into a new world still clinging to the old ways of things. This is the time of change and reform, and what we have known for hundreds of years is no longer valid in our evolving world. The uprisings which we will continually witness are actually necessary in order to drive forth change: something must always pass through a stage of chaos in order to emerge as something new. All of this unrest is part of the process of change, real change, change in which people have the right to create a better life for themselves.

It's becoming evident that billions of people around the globe want to take matters into their own hands. People are becoming skeptics to their leaders standing at a podium, smiling and promising change and good things to come. They see that their leaders are not keeping their guarantees of a better tomorrow. Realistically speaking, our leaders cannot enact change if we do not participate in it and do our part. Opposing change, choosing to be in denial of it, and insisting to keep the old world order in place are not going to work any longer. Rather, this stubborn mentality will only deepen our problems. Throughout 2011, we will see institutions, forms of government, and the old ways "going out of business." We will also see the beginning of an era of leaders who promote cooperation, unity, and peace. It is becoming obvious through the actions of people all over the world that humanity has to come together as one. People know what they want, and they all want the same thing. They don't want dictatorships, they don't want the same form of government, and they don't want the same failing economic system and cruel injustices. Our world changes are coming sooner than we think, and we have to stop fighting them and start accepting them.


Dr. Carmen Harra

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