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12 Steps to Embrace Fearlessness

Confucius once asked, "If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?" In our own lives, we experience fear as an unnecessary yet inevitable phenomena. We all fear something - fear of losing our job, fear of divorce, fear of death. But our fears are oftentimes unwarranted and sometimes irrational. Worse, our fears seem to seem to haunt us until we address them.

Fear stands like a wall between you and the joyful life you were meant to live. Fear is the emotion of self-sabotage, because as long as it's present, you can never hope to meet your true potential.

And this is ironically what we fear: our potential. We've evolved to fear ourselves and each other. This has caused us to allow fear to take over our lives and direct us in the completely wrong direction as a whole. We should never be afraid of becoming all that we're meant to become, but we should be afraid of negative energy and learn how to protect ourselves from it. We are literally letting our fears keep us down, keep us moving backwards, and keep us apart from one another. Without fear, you would finally acknowledge and pursue the greatest version of yourself.

Eradicating fear takes a small amount of effort each day. Over time, your daily efforts will accumulate into a new way of life which doesn't reflect the emotion of fear. So I present you with 12 steps to banish fear from everyday life, and these 12 practical steps actually spell out the word fearlessness!

F- F stands for Facing the Truth: Face the truth of your life. Face what scares you head-on, and challenge your fears. Distinguish between your necessary fears and unnecessary fears. Chances are that many of your fears are unwarranted in the greater scheme of your life. Remember, the unfortunate events which you fear will happen do not need to happen.

E- E stands for Erasing Negative Imprints: Many times, your fears stem from past negative experiences or from watching someone else endure past negative experiences. Your fear of divorce may very well have originated during your own parents' divorce. What you must remind yourself daily - through a simple affirmation or journal entry - is that your past is your past, and whatever happened in your past which makes you afraid today must be dealt with and its mental imprints removed.

A- A stands for Allowing Change: People are most often afraid of change. They fear that change will somehow disrupt their lives or uproot them from their comfort zone. But change actually serves to transport us into a new, greater manifestation of our selves. Allow Divine changes to come your way, even if they may seem frightening at first. Every change serves a purpose towards your highest good, and you will learn this in time.

R- R stands for Relaxation: Fear can be the accumulation of too much stress or extended pressure; a stressful life with too many responsibilities results in fear of failure. It's essential that you take time out for yourself, to relax and meditate and alleviate our anxieties. So calm down, take a breather, and remind yourself that you will be able to resolve all things.

L- L stands for Letting the Divine In: Spirit eradicates our fears and calms our concerns. We can't conquer life on our own and we weren't meant to! We need to invite the Divine in to help us through our problems, whether it's through daily prayers, chanting affirmations, or even meditating for a few minutes to bond with Spirit.

E- E stands for Ending Feuds: When you fight with others, you draw fear into your relationships - fear that others will betray, hurt, or abandon you. You need to make peace with everyone around you in order to nurture fearlessness.

S- S stands for Strengthening Your Intuition: Your intuition will banish your fears. This is because your intuition is like a looking glass into the future, so that you can sense what's to come and won't be apprehensive about what the future might hold.

S- S stands for Selectivity: You have to learn to be selective about what you want out of life and the things you decide to go after. You have to pursue things which don't inspire fear in you and make you feel completely comfortable. You must select a vision for your future and stick to that mental projection.

N- N stands for New Mentality: If your future is going to change, your mentality has to change first. Reality reflects what the mind projects, and just as you periodically clean out your closet to get rid of old items you no longer use, so too you must clean out your mental compartments. Make a list of all the recurring thoughts you have, every permanent idea which dwells in your mind that inspires fear. Resolve to dispose of the negative thoughts and multiply the positive ones.

E- E stands for Endless Potential: Your potential IS endless, and you have to replace fear with this empowering thought. Every time you find fear slipping into your mind, filter your thoughts by envisioning your infinite potential coming to fruition.

S- S stands for Security in Yourself: In order to shun fear forever, you have to work on your self-esteem. Fear arises from not believing enough in your own abilities and talents. When you constantly live in the mindset of "I can't do it" or "I'm not good enough," you're narrowing your window of success to a very slim opening.

S- S stands for Surprising Opportunities: Once you are the fearless person you were meant to be, you'll notice surprising opportunities coming to you! What you once thought was impossible for you to reach, you will reach with ease. Opportunities are all around you, and it becomes up to you to either push them away or welcome them.

Adopt these twelve easy steps into your daily life to live freely, boldly, and fearlessly!

With Love,
Dr. Carmen Harra

Dr. Carmen Harra

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