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13 Predictions for 2013

Humanity has made predictions since the dawn of time. But now, as our world undergoes its greatest transformation yet, we're keener than ever to discover our future potential. We sense that what we've long known is changing, reshaping - that one phase of human history is coming to a close and being replaced by a new era. The shift has already begun with 2012 as a significant transitory force, but the years ahead will prove to be even greater manifestations of necessary change.

The year 2013 will carry the vibration of the previous year to a new level, stressing unresolved issues and prompting a global transition which will last until 2033. The coming year will exacerbate certain themes which need to be addressed such as finances, leadership, economy, healthcare, etc. Many of our systems are on the brink of transformation, and the impending changes are becoming clearer and clearer. 2013 will also deliver stability and balance, but only in its second half. Turmoil will precede during the first half of the year as the world frantically seeks solutions. Everyone is facing the same problems and we're finally beginning to understand that we can only resolve them together.

  • Uprisings in the Middle East: Violence in the Middle East will not cease in 2013, fueling further the region's three-thousand-year-old feud. 2013 will serve as a reminder of the outstanding karma between warring Middle Eastern countries and we will continue to see similar attacks as in previous years: random bombings, premeditated attacks, and mob-like upheavals. In future years, new leaders of Middle Eastern countries will work together to finally attain peace in the ancient area.
  • Natural Disasters: Natural disasters will increase in frequency and ferocity. The Earth is releasing pent-up energy from countless years of mistreatment. We will witness natural disasters striking parts of the world never previously affected. This will wake us up to the urgent need to save our planet and will force us to invent new methods of managing life on Earth without the overuse of natural resources.
  • Huge Revolution in Government: This will be the year in which the American government will have to rethink its very foundations. It's becoming quite clear that the old system is no longer working and several laws will have to be rewritten or amended to meet the growing needs of the nation. These changes will extend to many parts of the world, as leaders overseas will find their own government in need of revision. International leaders will also unite for the sake of making progress together.
  • Economic Escapades: For the first 8 months of 2013, the economy will move up and down in spurts. It will, however, reach new lows amid fluctuations. Financial turmoil will escalate to a breaking point. This cannot be averted any longer, but we will face it and find real solutions. Our economy is undergoing a severe surgery and only during the second half of 2013 does the recovery process begin. In later years, we will share in one global economy. And in the farther future, the world will run on one form of currency. This brand new monetary system will begin to shape in 2013 as Europe will propose a new global coin which Asia will quickly adapt.
  • Remarkable Scientific Breakthroughs: The healing abilities of science will reach new heights in 2013 and the years beyond. Scientists will work specifically with light therapy to diminish certain diseases, make new advancements at the cellular level, and combat the aging process. We will focus on cell therapy, cloning, and new types of cancer treatments. Changes in our DNA will be discovered; our DNA is becoming more complex and sophisticated in structure, thereby extending our life spans and expanding our capacity for innovative thought.
  • Manifestations in the Street: The world continues to carry the same burdens. But people are beginning to react differently to old problems such as corruption, injustice, and inequality: we are finally starting to stand up for ourselves and our rights. Reminiscent of events like Occupy Wall Street, 2013 will inspire a new wave of Americans marching in the streets to protect their liberties and push for new ones. The younger generation is particularly willing to go against jaded laws and unfair systems and strive for reform by making their presence known and their voice heard. The government will have no choice but to succumb to the will of the people.
  • Big Businesses in Trouble: Many will be surprised as several American trademarks may disappear in the years ahead. The entertainment, publishing, and travel industries will experience major shakeups as some business giants may close their doors for good. This will, in turn, lend the opportunity for smaller businesses to take center stage and brand new businesses to flourish. Americans will reinvent their idea of a "job" as more and more people will become self-employed and work from home, bringing to life their unique ideas.
  • New Discoveries in the Universe: From sending satellites to new planets to even discovering a new planet, we will emerge from 2013 with a clearer comprehension of our universe. We may even spot a new galaxy in our solar system! Very soon, we will adapt a new way of understanding the universe and our rightful place in it. We may even begin to relocate on neighboring planets in the more distant future.
  • Technological Discoveries: We will marvel at advances in the field of technology, particularly electronics. We may invent watches through which we'll be able to see each other. Japan will devise amazing new technologies, one of which will be a car running on a new type of fuel never used before. They may even debut a car that will fly!
  • Tough Year for Celebrities: We may see some long-standing shows suddenly canceled. This will be a tough year for the private lives of certain celebrities; Kim Kardashian will be forced to revisit her inner issues this year and rethink her career overall. Jennifer Lopez is entering a karmic year which means that in the second part of 2013 she may meet a new man and be tempted to get married to again. We may finally see a wedding for Brad and Angelina this year, making their loyal, long-standing relationship a legal one.
  • Social Trends: 2013 will mark the beginning of doing good for humanity. The younger generation will adopt a humanitarian philosophy of giving back to their communities. It will start to become "cool" to do good things for others! As a whole, we will all begin giving back in one way or another. We will gradually return to our natural state as free and whole human beings who recognize their spiritual nature. We will begin to ban all that is artificial little by little; the "green" movement is already in effect. People are feeling an increasing need to balance out the damage we've inflicted upon our world by acting with more kindness, compassion, and awareness. The social network sites are increasing both in number, multi-functionality, and competition. This will be a difficult year for Facebook, which might enter into fierce competition against a fairly new online company of similar networking abilities.
  • White House Woes: Obama's problems in the White House will be made immediately visible as the year begins. This will be toughest year of his career as he will feel cornered and attacked from every angle. Hillary will not continue being the Secretary of State. Contradictions about who's going take over her position, inter-party conflicts, and fiscal discord will be taken to the extreme. The first part of 2013 will see only disagreement, while the second part may yield in some reluctant agreements. Complete accord between parties is very doubtful. One source of conflict will be Obama's healthcare reform, which will keep causing an uproar.
  • Year of Sudden Surprises: 2013 will truly be a year of surprises, both good and bad in nature. Events which shocked us in 2012 are incomparable to those still to come. Our jaws will drop as government cover-ups will be uncovered, corruption will be unveiled, and the secret lives of influential figures will be revealed. Such revelations will change people's opinions about the leaders they once believed in. Consequently, many leaders will resign seemingly overnight to avoid scandal. This will be a year marked by abrupt resignations, people of power being in trouble, even untimely impeachments. At last, everything is coming to the surface, including revelations we can't yet imagine.

Yours in Love and Service,
Dr. Carmen Harra

Dr. Carmen Harra

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