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Creating a vision for ourselves is the first step towards achieving the life we dream to have. Put into action these 12 steps to help pave the road for tomorrow, next year, and next decade:

  • 1.) Create a bigger version of yourself: Don't settle for your life the way it is now unless you're completely satisfied with it. Life comes with free will. So if you're not happy about a certain aspect of your life, change it. Never live down to your lowest potential, live up to your greatest potential. Outline what your ideal life would be like, the bigger version of the one you have the now, and go after it.
  • 2.) Write down your ultimate goals: We all have goals in life, and some are more significant than others. Make a list of the ten most important goals of your life, and set out to achieve at least one within the next month.
  • 3.) Put together a strategy: A strategy means specifying the actions you will need to take to reach a desired point. If your vision is to own your own home, then you'll need to specify how you will earn or save the money needed to buy one. Set up the necessary steps that will lead you to your endpoint.
  • 4.) Plan a timeline: Be realistic about the timing of your vision. If your vision is to start your own business, consider all factors when planning the day that its doors will open. Keeping a timeline also reminds you to stay on track and not become derailed from your intentions.
  • 5.) Take the first step: This is the most important step, because it gets the ball rolling and launches your efforts out into the universe. Taking the first step is taking a leap of faith, and it is during this time that you will discover just how spiritually guided and divinely protected you really are.
  • 6.) Envision the outcome along the way: Keep your eye on the prize. Don't let yourself become distracted or deterred from your goals. Continue to practice the same vision you've always dreamt to be your reality, the one you know you deserve.
  • 7.) See the bigger reason behind setbacks: You have to understand why certain things are happening. Just because you were laid off from work doesn't mean there isn't a Divine motive behind it. Maybe Spirit is trying to show you that you can find employment which is much more rewarding for you. Always tell yourself that whatever is happening is happening for your own good and that the negativity will pass.
  • 8.) Ask the Divine for help: Spirit wants you to succeed and will grant you the help you seek if you just ask. Help may not come immediately but when it does, you will receive more divine generosity than you imagined. Always try to communicate with your loves ones who have passed on through simple prayers and meditations. They want to see you manifest your vision and will offer you signs of their presence.
  • 9.) Pay attention to the people you meet along the way: One of the most obvious Divine signs are the people who come into our lives. We never meet anyone by accident. Each person has a purpose and place in our lives. Even if you've met people of negative intentions, maybe they came in to show you how not to behave or to reaffirm your strengths and abilities.
  • 10.) Whatever you do, never, ever give up: Having a vision doesn't equal fulfilling it. You will experience bumps along the way and people who will try to keep you from success, but don't let yourself be intimidated. You are on a mission to achieve something you promised to yourself. Live by the mentality that it'll take much more than that to stop you.
  • 11.) Celebrate your achievements: You've come so far already and you've fulfilled much of your vision. Don't forget to reward yourself for your hard work, unyielding tenacity, careful planning, and strong character.
  • 12.) Never repeat old mistakes: Learn from old mistakes and don't put yourself through situations which you know will attract a similar outcome. If you've made a mistake once and regret it, don't do it again or you'll suffer the same remorseful sentiments once more. Remember, history repeats itself and this applies to the history of our lives, too.

Your vision for your life is the bigger picture, all perfectly laid out before our eyes, displaying every unexpected twist and turn ahead. Envision your future today, and make it larger than life.

With Love,
Dr. Carmen Harra

Dr. Carmen Harra

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