Dr. Carmen Harra | Intuitive psychologist, relationship expert, bestselling author, radio show host, and TV personality

Lecții pentru viață
(Lessons for Life)

Lecții pentru viață
by Carmen Harra, PhD.
ISBN: 978-606-93577-4-3
Publisher: OneBook (Romania)
Release date: 2014

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If you want to have a positive mindset, achieve beneficial results, gain inner strength and rediscover your inner energy, Carmen Harra, world-renowned psychologist and therapist, helps you achieve them by following the advice offered through these works. You feel stuck in the same situation, you have the same unsatisfactory job, you are not making any progress in your romantic relationship, you have been waiting for too long for something good to happen to you, if these are just some of the coordinates of your life so far, it means that you have to either. take some lessons for life from the famous Carmen Harra. You will learn the first steps in solving the problems you face, how to reach the divine source within you and realize yourself with energy. Failed relationships, betrayals, disappointments, the loss of loved ones, the disappointment of everyday life, are just some of the topics covered in this book meant to be a reliable companion.

Carmen Harra, PhD, is an intuitive psychologist, bestselling author, radio show host, TV personality, and relationship expert. She’s helped tens of thousands of people find fulfilling love and create committed relationships. Carmen is the author of bestselling books such as Everyday Karma and has been featured in such publications as the New York Times.