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Trinity Of Health:
Your Whole Life

Trinity Of Health: Your Whole Life
by Carmen Harra, PhD.
with Mona Muresan and Allie S. Muresan
ISBN: 9781419665622
Publisher: Amazon.com
Release date: September 2007

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An inclusive approach to a healthier, happier and slimmer life.

"We have all been taught that good nutrition will generate good health; but in the speeding blur that races through our day to day lives, very few are aware that we must reconnect with both ourselves and with our world in order to truly return to balance. To ensure that our bodies, minds, and spirits realign to achieve an equal homeostasis, we must exercise not just our physical selves, but the seven golden principles of totality: find balance and seek joy, cultivate awareness, avoid reactivity, treasure togetherness, return to Mother Nature through real food and exercise, create good karma every day, and embrace responsibility.

Part I of The Trinity of Health demonstrates how to easily incorporate these spiritual values so as to elevate our consciousness beyond the mundane and confining routines of everyday. Once we have spread the wings of our minds and spirits, we can refocus on our bodies: Part II serves as a complete guide to smart nutrition. It illustrates a fail-proof method to lose and maintain weight, teaches one how to choose wholesome yet unbelievably satisfying foods, and even offers a seven-day program to jumpstart readers on their new path to health.


This book gifts that to Dr. Carmen's readers. Bravo to us all – see how this book can shift your body-mind-spirit into "…the grandest version of the greatest vision of yourself…" now! - Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

"Trinity of Health is a masterful manual for creating a life fully balanced in body, mind, and spirit. In it Carmen Harra inspires us to live well in the present to energize our future." - Sandra Anne Taylor, New York Times Bestselling author of QUANTUM SUCCESS

"I love Carmen Harra's extraordinary and unique guide for healthy living. If you are looking for a way to feel more alive, have more passion and energy and live your dream life, invest in The Trinity of Health now!" - Peggy McColl, author of Your Destiny Switch

Dr. Carmen Harra's new book takes you to a new level awareness! Dr. Harra takes us beyond the standard body, mind and spirit talk to the level of body, mind, spirit ACTION. Get ready to change your life beyond your wildest dreams! - Dr. Pat Baccili, Host of the award winning Dr. Pat Show Talk Radio to Thrive By!

"This book explores a plethora of insights, including Mindful Awareness, to help one plan and create a balanced, happy, healthy life using body-mind-spirit methods." - Linda Mackenzie, author of Help yourself heal with self-hypnosis and Founder of www.HealthyLife.Net - All Positive Talk Radio

Carmen Harra has heart, knowledge and desire, three vital things needed and discussed in her latest book The Trinity of Health. Carmen's writing keeps it simple for anyone to find their health and spirit and keep it authentic. Carmen is by far a teacher that KNOWS how to incorporate heart knowledge and desire and assist our planet the people that live here a better way to live and make healthier choices. - Cameron Steele, Contact Talk Radio Network

...Harra reveals deeper, more holistic concepts and thoughts to encourage each of us to take steps towards a more balanced and healthier life.Self-evolution is a personal journey and everyone packs different luggage for the trip. Anyone with an open body, mind and soul may want to take this good read along for the journey. - Falise, FHI Contributor, A Good Read forherinformation.com

THE TRINITY OF HEALTH by Carmen Harra: In this delightfully written book, Dr. Carmen brings us sensible, easy ways to increased mind-body-spirit health. From her "Seven Guiding Principles" of Awareness, Proactivity, Balance, Joy, Togetherness, Nature, and Creating Good Choices/Karma, she weaves a joyful and focused plan to holistic health and awareness in daily living. As a curriculum writer and CEO of an education non-profit co-founded by Neale Donald Walsch, I am always looking for inspired, practical application methods to bring peace, harmony and love of self to whole new levels. This book gifts that to Dr. Carmen's readers. Bravo to us all – see how this book can shift your body-mind-spirit into "…the grandest version of the greatest vision of yourself…" now! (quote from Conversations with God books by N.D.Walsch) ~ Linda Lee Ratto, Ed.M., SNS CEO, www.SchooloftheNewSpirituality.com

"Carmen Harra is a talented, deeply connected woman of wisdom. Her enthusiasm for life coupled with her vast metaphysical powers make her a force of nature." - Arielle Ford, author of Hot Chocolate For The Mystical Soul

"Dr. Carmen Harra is one of the most superbly gifted counselors on the planet. Her prognostication skills and accuracy are second to none. All of Dr. Harra's books are packed with deep insights and profound truths. The Trinity of Health is no exception. Read this book, and it will change your life." - Jon Sweeney, Founder of Coherence Therapy

"Dr Carmen Harra, Ph.D., has created an important template in her latest book for your continued growth and evolution. With important ideas and information on all aspects of your life, from reconnecting to Mother Earth to a food plan for grounding you in a healthy way. Most important, bringing more Balance to you in mind, body and Spirit!" - Scott Cluthe, Positively Incorrect!, Lime Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio