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Everyday Karma

Everyday Karma
by Carmen Harra, PhD.
ISBN: 0345455126
Publisher: Ballantine Books; Reprint edition
Release date: May 31, 2005

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"Wouldn't it be heavenly to erase the mistakes of the past, eliminate confusion in your daily life, and feel safe about what tomorrow brings? In Everyday Karma I show you exactly how to do that. I demonstrate how day-to-day thoughts and actions can plant karmic seeds in your life that will either blossom like flowers or take over like weeds. This book will guide you into a deep understanding of your own karma and give you the tools to heal the past and discover a more joyful future." – CARMEN HARRA

The author of Everyday Karma is one of the great psychics of our time, a veritable "karmic counselor" whose gifts have enabled her to help presidents, first ladies, Wall Street executives, royalty, and Hollywood celebrities achieve their true destinies. She predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, John Kennedy Jr.'s death, President Clinton's impeachment, and major karmic events around the world with better than 90 percent accuracy.

Now, in Everyday Karma, she invites you to embark upon a journey of healing and enlightenment–and to start living the life that is yours alone. Through her own spiritual biography (beginning with a near-death experience when she was young), true stories from many of her clients, and her predictions of coming events, you'll be inspired to initiate your own spiritual evolution. With powerful, specially created meditations, prayers, and visualizations, she helps you resolve your specific problems, even deeply ingrained and self-destructive ways of thinking and behaving.

Unique among books about spiritual growth and healing, Everyday Karma emphasizes the great power of the karmic energy within you that is waiting to be tapped – and tells you exactly how to set it free, including how to:
▶ Enter the invisible world of spirit and light
▶ Hear messages from your spirit guide
▶ Create karmic relationships
▶ Heal karmic wounds and improve your emotional and physical health
▶ Discover your karmic life purpose
▶ Bring fresh, positive, and balanced energy into your everyday world

Most of us live our entire lives with, at best, a vague sense of dissatisfaction that even great fame and wealth seem unable to dispel. This book shows you another way. The lessons that Carmen Harra learned from the invisible world and shares with you here will light your path to a transformed and deeply fulfilled life in the visible world, starting here and now.

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"Through Carmen, one sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible." – CANDICE BERGEN

"Everyday Karma is a practical and transformative guide to healing old wounds and restoring personal relationships–a therapeutic tool I would recommend to my patients." – DR. JANE GREER Author of How Could You Do This To Me?

"A great lady with a gift . . . Her power to heal by helping people understand the roots of their physical ailments is without peer." – HOWARD M. BEZOZA, M.D. President, The Bezoza Center, New York City and host of "In the 21st Century"

"An amazing therapist . . . She sees both where you've been and where you're going and becomes your ultimate guide to understanding yourself and thereby helping you to evolve spiritually and emotionally." – MARIN HOPPER Fashion director, Elle magazine

"The scope and magnitude, not to mention multitude of talents and gifts of this woman are simply extraordinary." – APRIL MASINI President and CEO, Masini Television and Film Enterprises