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Decoding Your Destiny

Decoding Your Destiny
by Carmen Harra, PhD.
ISBN: 1582701431
Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing
Release date: February 28, 2006

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We are all curious about our future, but what we don't realize is that we are born with the ability to see into our future. A particular numerological chart is unique to each person and reveals a purpose in life with guidelines to fulfill this purpose. With this in hand, we then can navigate through the waters of potentiality.

While we are destined to experience certain lessons and events, it is up to us as to how we will move through them and at what awareness level. We learn about the tool of prediction: the more we focus on a specific potentiality, project it, and put our intentions to work, the more likely it is to manifest in our lives. Combining intention with action is the practice of manifestation and free will.

Carmen Harra gives her own account of the future with predictions spanning out for the next thirty to 100 years that tell of a better world. According to Dr. Harra, we will see advances in healthcare which will eradicate certain diseases, extend our longevity, and heal the body instantaneously. We will also see the first woman president, a rise in women spiritual leaders and changes in our laws which will shift the way we relate to one another.

▶ The first book to describe all 11 eternal principles, or divine laws, governing the universe: totality, karma, wisdom, love, harmony, abundance, attraction, evolution, manifestation, destiny, and nonlocality.
 Complex esoteric concepts are presented accessibly with applications for daily life.


Carmen is the Best! Yet again with her new book, Decoding Your Destiny, she is showing us all how to connect in with our soul purpose and demystify the truth of why we are here. With her amazing psychic ability and deep understanding of the secrets of the Universe, Carmen's book is a must read for everyone who is looking to create a happy and successful life. - Victoria Holt, Executive Producer

Decoding Your Destiny shows you how to understand and use positively the forces of your personal destiny and the energy of your free will. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to take their lives to the next level of clarity and personal power. - Mona F. Muresan, Miramid Communication Training AB

Carmen Harra, Ph.D., is one of the best people I've worked with in my many years in radio sharing ancient wisdom in modern form. Not only is she a gifted intuitive and medium, she is also a brilliant thinker and strong advocate for those with no voice of their own. Decode your destiny: read this book! - Scott Cluthe, "Evolution Radio Network"