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2011 Predictions and Beyond by Carmen Harra


Major new stories in 2011:

As a result of our economic and natural disasters, we will see government leaders coming together in a way they haven't before and discussing where humanity is headed and what we need to do. We will see less emphasis on celebrities and the trivial stories of the past because we will be dealing with so many serious problems. The biggest news of 2011 will be about a form of leadership we haven't seen before, leaders of the world coming together to avoid catastrophe. Remember when the Berlin Wall came down, and Reagan and Gorbachev came together, how much of a surprise that was and how big a shift we experienced? I see something that dramatic, where leaders reach common ground.

I feel that Eastern Europe, like Romania and Bulgaria, will have serious problems, and I also see a lot of turmoil in France and England

Numerology of 2011 and 2012:

The events of 2011 are influenced by the numerology of 2011. 11 is the number of enlightenment and 2 the number of healing and4 is the planet Uranus, the planet of awakening and sudden changes , Also the number 4 represents the the level of the 4 th dimension . Then, in 2012, we are affected by the energy of number 5 (2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 2 adds up to 5), the number of the fifth dimension.

The economy:

Unfortunately, our economy is weakening. It's as if we have a cancer that has metastasized, and we have to get serious about addressing it systemically. The real turn around will be in 2018, when there will be a big breakthrough. It's almost as if we bring in a new organ and transplant it, metaphorically speaking. The economic problems are global, but the one place that will be an oasis in this time of upheaval will be Australia. They won't face the same economic drama that the rest of the world will face.

In the U.S., I see people having more time before foreclosures happen and banks backing off from pressuring them. Laws regarding bankruptcy and foreclosure and credit cards will have to change because of the situation. If you are facing foreclosure, stay in your house and fight, don't do anything drastic out of fear and panic. Look into the help that is available; more people will be able to stay in their homes.

We will gradually see that the small group of elite, ultra wealthy people who have tremendous power in the world are going to lose power.

The big economic changes that are coming may sound scary but it's all for our own good because we have to change the financial inequities around the world. We are at the beginning of the process, waking up to the unfairness of the current system.

Earthquakes and natural disasters:

As I've said, 2010 is the year of earthquakes but we'll see fewer of them in 2011. However, natural disasters will accelerate. Another catastrophe will happen so that we wake up to our underlying condition: that we have badly mistreated the planet and this has to stop.

In 2011, I see a volcano erupting in another part of the world (not Iceland), a major eruption. I also see another natural disaster somewhere in South America.


Republicans are going to win power in both houses. Democrats will lose their majorities. It's going to become increasingly clear that Obama will have trouble being elected to a second term. He will be attacked in the fall, beyond our imagination-it will be an extremely difficult time for him-a time when his enemies will make a huge deal about his mistakes and people will lose faith in him more so than they have already.

I see a lot of protests in the streets in 2011. The Republicans will be glad they took so many seats in Congress but their power will be short lived. Politics won't solve our problems because we're far too divided. First, we will have to come together in other ways and then in 2018 we will see much more unity, an end to the blue state/red state divide dominating politics and the two-party system that creates obstructionism and log jams. From 2011 into 2012, I see some presidents and leaders disappearing suddenly like the president of Poland "disappeared" by dying in a plane crash unexpectedly.

I see a new man on the republican front, unknown now, emerging in June of 2011, with the initials M and W. He's tall and in his 40s and comes out of the woods.

Queen Elizabeth's health is not good during 2011 and we will also see problems within the Vatican.

Medical breakthroughs:

The real medical breakthrough in the coming years will be the true understanding of how the body works. There are things we never thought of before that will give us a completely new understanding and perception of the human body. We will learn much more about the energy fields of the body and how we can work with them.


We will see progress on immigration law but all of our laws are going to be in contradiction and conflict because we're so split; there is too much disagreement.


The new bill will not do very much to change the health care system for the better because the divisiveness prevented us from getting to the heart of the problems.

The oil spill:

As awful as this accident has been, I think we will clean it up better than we think we will at this time-the damage will be bad, but not completely devastating to the gulf. And unfortunately, when it comes to energy policy, this event won't be a "game changer." We will still drill for oil. Obama's intentions are good but he's not being practical; our thirst for cheap oil is too great. This is not going to trigger a big shift to alternative energy research and development. However, oil and gas will become more expensive and that will trigger conservation and a push toward alternative energies.

The entertainment business:

I predict we will see a lot of TV shows and movies that are historical or about religion, or the changes we've gone through. Entertainment will reflect what's been bothering us at the subconscious level, that we have been too focused on what is trivial. We will be looking for more substance.

We want to see where we've been: I see a big historical movie coming out, looking at the low level of consciousness we have left behind hundreds of years ago, and another one that will be about the future of the world, portraying our future in a way we've never seen it before-a film that will be huge, like Avatar. These films will come out in 2011 or 2012.

I see a young man in the music business, who has light hair, becoming very well known in broadcasting or news.

Book publishers and newspapers will survive and business will pick up, big time, as it adjusts the new ways that people are accessing information. What will sell will not be celebrity and gossip so much as books on substantive issues that people globally are interested in. We'll see the emergence of a major new publishing house.



Dr. Carmen Harra

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