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2011 Celebrity Predictions


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will continue their life together. I wouldn't be surprised if from February 2011 until the end of 2011, they will finally have a "legal" wedding. From the summer of 2011 until the summer of 2012, Angelina is most likely to become pregnant again. The chance of becoming pregnant is extremely strong during this year and may even come as a surprise to the couple. She will most likely have a boy, born in a very symbolic sense in the year 2012. I truly feel they are meant to have 11 children altogether. Angelina and Brad work on a very high level of energy: they create a lot of attention and excitement around themselves and even between them. Their problem is one of communication. The key in their relationship is to listen to each other and compromise. Brad is very direct, while Angelina sometimes has a different perception of things. When she feels misunderstood, Angelina is the type of person to try to flee a relationship. Angelina will continue her work with charity: she is the kind of person who wants her voice to be heard. A future movie in which she will star or even produce will focus on the many changes in the world. Her career is beyond booming right now.

Snooki: Snooki is a very introverted, sensitive girl. Although the reality show may depict her as an outgoing person, Snooki attempts to be the "center of it all" in order to mask the turmoil of emotional overflow inside. I believe Snooki is affected by her childhood: she carries psychological issues from her younger years, and due to those she can come across very aggressive, independent, and stubborn. She is also a very free spirit: she enjoys her freedom and it's difficult to ground her. But she is beginning a new cycle of life in 2011, and this year will bring for her a good guy in her life, most likely around the spring or summer of this year. This new man is around the age of 27 and is also in the entertainment/TV business. This will finally bring her much-needed stability.

Mike "The Situation": Mike Sorrentino is a very direct, down-to-earth guy who needs to find a solution to everything. He's actually very spiritual and has a strong connection to his mother. He would love to attract a woman who is "motherly" into his life, but he is subconsciously sabotaging a potential relationship by attracting women of little of no value instead (typical "one night stands"). This is because he's not yet where he needs to be, but soon he will be: a very smart, down-to-earth (like him), foreign woman with long blonde hair will soon enter his life, bringing a total shift in his personality. "The Situation" will finally fall in love.

Courtney Cox Arquette & David Arquette: Despite their split in the fall of 2010, I don't think these two people are finished, karmically speaking. The door of their karmic relationship is still open, and as a result of this, neither of them will find someone else. There is a side of me which believes that they will end up going back to each other at some point.

Britney Spears: Britney Spears' career is not really getting too far in 2011, but her private life has some positive turning points. Finally, she seems to become more stable in her relationship. I see her less and less in the tabloids and more and more rebuilding her ideal of a family. I even see the possibility of marriage and another child. Something within her is reawakening to the idea of a family, which will begin to happen this year.

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal: Taylor Swift is having a fabulous time in her career, but Mr. Gyllenhaal isn't her match. Career-wise, she is on top of her game more than ever. This year, from the end of the summer and onwards, Taylor might meet someone new, also in the entertainment business and much closer in age to her. He will be a tall man with light hair.

Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay is seriously not well both physically and emotionally. She is in a tug-of-war of influences and beliefs. Unfortunately, her career is pretty much terminated, at least for a substantial amount of time. People like her mother and father claim to feel so sorry for her, but no one actually understand the real Lindsay, why this is happening, nor do they offer any real help. In fact, the real help will not come by putting her in jail, in rehab, or critiquing the poor girl. There are two Lindsay Lohans: the Lindsay who battles her fame, photographed constantly since her childhood, and the Lindsay who is a young woman, struggling to understand her sexuality, love life, position as a woman in a relationship, etc. These two alter-egos battle each other. I personally know that within two years, a man will enter Lindsay's life who will balance the two sides of her conflicting personality. This man will love her unconditionally, help her step out of this darkness, help her become a normal person, and later, even help her regain her respect and credibility in the entertainment business. But this will not happen until two years from now.

Christina Aguilera: Christina will get married again. It is possible that by the end of 2011, she will have found a new man in her life who is a musician. I think she will end up having two more kids. This 2011 is a transitional year for her, but overall a pleasant year in which she will work on finding stability. Towards the end of this year, she finally attracts into her life a man who will bring her the embodiment of family. As much as Christina is a free spirit who constantly thrives on creativity, she also needs the family aspect to ground her. She will try to reinvent herself as an artist. As much as she has such a brilliant voice, she will reinvent her style, wardrobe, appearance, etc. She needs to make changes constantly in many aspects of her life, even the way her home looks! In this way, Christina is like a chameleon. She always encounters a higher dimension of her inner self and debuts it outwardly. But finally, in the current year, she finds stability. The year 2011 is a year of awakening to what she needs in her life and what she needs to be in order to attain happiness.

Natalie Portman: I see Natalie winning an Oscar for the film Black Swan. I have doubts about her relationship to Benjamin Millepied in the long run, but she seems to be with him during 2011. It's imperative that they adjust to each other, and Natalie is the kind of a woman who sometimes likes to spend too much time with her own self. While this is not necessarily a soul mate relationship, I don't see them separating anytime soon.

Jessica Simpson: In 2006, I was on ABC's What's The Buzz on Valentine's Day and I correctly predicted that Nick Lachey would find a partner right away while it would take Jessica years to find a new man. Jessica and her soon-to-be husband, Eric Johnson, have both been damaged in past relationships and have come together in this relationship still holding on to the memories of the past hurt. Sometimes it's hard to compromise for these two. I give their relationship a 50 percent chance of working out and lasting. They need to respect each other and learn not to repeat the same karma over and again. The fear I have is that they're not consoling each other in order to heal together, as a couple, and that there is a lot of general criticism concerning their relationship.

Sandra Bullock: She might have the opportunity for a great movie during the second part of 2011 and she might continue to adopt children because she enjoys nurturing a child and motherhood. Her relationship with Ryan Reynolds is not working too far into the future. By the fall of 2011, someone else will enter her life. This man has been married before and has children from a previous marriage (just like her former husband), but this new man will truly be loyal and respectful to her.

Paula Abdul: Paula Abdul remains the eternal optimist who insists that life is full of flowers. She doesn't necessarily want to commit to anyone right now. She is moving more towards spirituality and is beginning to forget the concept of aging, which is truly inspirational. At heart, she is a young woman, hence why she attracts younger men. A much younger man will once again enter her life, but she is in denial about who is good for her and the potential of a real relationship. The younger men who she attracts are not really about commitment, but the good news is that neither is she, so no one is getting hurt.

Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus is entering her dangerous years. She has to be careful not to become too independent and fall under the wrong influences. Her parents' recent split is affecting her emotionally, despite the tremendous success in her career. She will go through a bit of a rough patch before she will restructure her image and reinvent herself. This is normal of any teenager, and we should not be so condescending of her. There's an incredible amount of pressure on her, and she cannot be "perfect" under every circumstance. I don't see Miley entering a real relationship during 2011, maybe just going on casual dates and such.

Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber will involve himself in a lot of charities as he grows up. This year is a very financially successful year for him. He will continue to do very well in his career. It's pretty amazing to note that he's actually an old soul, very evolved, and with a heart of gold. He's emotional and sensitive, and he will achieve a lot in this life. One of the reasons people are drawn to him is because of his soul's evolution, despite his age. Fame, therefore, does not rock his mind like it would an unevolved soul. He's on a steady ground. This is his last life in a cycle of lives. I don't see a serious relationship for him right now. He's very young, after all, and I think it's just the right time to have fun and enjoy being a "kid" while he still can.

Eva Longoria: Eva Longoria is the kind of a woman who wants stability in every sense of the word in a relationship: emotional stability, financial stability, etc. She is indeed very financially-oriented in her life. She will find a wealthy man right away, this year, who is not in the entertainment business but is very powerful. She will have a daughter in the future. Eva Longoria is not someone to pity because she went through a divorce: she is a tough woman who cuts the cord right away and moves on with her head held high.

Governor Andrew Cuomo (NY) & Food Network television-star Sandra Lee: I just want to see if these two can pass the "dating" phase and can become a real couple. They also have issues with communication. The question comes down to whether they can work to communicate better or not. Sandra has issues with attachment. Down the road, I'm not so convinced that this relationship will work. I have a sense of Sandra finding another, younger man during the fall of this year. I think Governor Cuomo is more into Sandra than Sandra is into him, thus creating a lopsidedness in the relationship.



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