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2012 Predictions, 2010 Predictions & The Global Crisis


The truth is, as we get closer to the turning point of 2012, the global crisis we're facing are going to put more stress on us. But my positive message is that: knowing that even harder times are coming gives you some sense of control over them (it prepares you), and second, 2010 is the year when the wheels start turning because finally, people on a large scale are going to wake up to this tremendous planetary crisis we're in. It's only when you acknowledge it that you can start to do something about it. I have faith that humanity is waking up in time to turn the ship around before it hits the iceberg and all of humankind becomes extinct, but every one of us needs to do our best to wake up and start the work of evolving a higher consciousness.

2012 marks the beginning of a new era of human consciousness. We should not fear 2012 because: It is a turning point, both an ending to an era and a beginning to another. We're turning away from suffering, darkness, and violence and toward harmony, joy, and light. IT GETS BETTER STARTING IN 2012.

The crises in the world will get better in 2012, but especially as we get closer to 2018. So you see, 2012 is not a doomsday, it's a shift point. The real challenge is the next couple of years and we're already in the thick of it and realizing, it is bad. In some ways, 2009 was one of the worst years because so many people were in denial of how bad things are. The denial has been our biggest problem and 2010 is the year when we stop living in denial.

From our suffering will come something very, very good. The human experience is going to change for the better in ways it's hard to imagine.

What's Going To Happen In The Next Few Years


I don't see H1N1 (swine flu) or other diseases being the big, devastating epidemics that people are talking about. I see many medical breakthroughs in the next few years, particularly with diabetes. I do think the healthcare bill will be passed in some form but because there's been so much resistance and opposition, it's going to solve some problems, yes, but it'll also create a lot of other problems. It's going to be an ongoing struggle to create a healthcare system in America that works because too many people do not understand something really basic that is CRUCIAL to this 2012 evolution of human consciousness:

We are in this together. What happens to you affects me. What happens to me affects you. I can't be healthy and at peace when my neighbor is sick and being denied medical care. This is a core understanding we must all develop in order to fix ALL our broken systems, whether it's global warming or finances. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Separation is an illusion. This focus on "I just have to take care of me and forget everyone else" has to stop because it's killing us.


We live according to manmade laws, not the eternal divine principles. We think our laws will fix our problems but they never do because our laws are inferior to divine laws. If we embrace the Universal Law of Totality, for example, we recognize that we're all one at the level of consciousness. I don't hurt you or do something that will harm someone a continent away, or someone who will be born in the future, because if I do, I'll be hurting me. If we lived by that law, we wouldn't need laws about deficits, polluting other people's land, stealing people's investments for their old age, and so on.

Global Events & Predictions

Many people are operating from fear of major terrorist attacks, but we don't need to fear them. I do NOT see major terrorist attacks or nuclear bombs being set off. We think by sending troops to Afghanistan it will help that situation but it won't. It's not terrorism or nuclear war that are the threats to our well being, it's our low level of consciousness We have experienced terrorism and we face the possibility that someone could use nuclear weapons because we're supposed to realize we all have to work together! Terrorism affects everyone. Nuclear war harms everyone, even people thousands of miles away. We're trying to solve problems with violence and laws and armies instead of with a shift upward in consciousness. That's the real solution in the middle east.

What Should You Be Doing As We Approach 2012

1. Acknowledge that all of humanity is undergoing a monumental transformation, an evolution of consciousness. If you can do this, you are contributing to the raising of awareness. Acknowledge your fear and then create a feeling of hope. Humanity has evolved and gotten through many crises in history.

2. Be kind to the earth. Do whatever you can do to respect and honor our home planet. We've been abusing her and that's why we're seeing so many severe weather events and will see more.

3. Reach out to others. Find common ground. Get past this red state/blue state mentality, and get past the idea that my way of life is better than yours. Don't put people on the defensive by telling them "You're wrong, I'm right." Let go of anger and fear and fill yourself with love, faith, and hope. Have a peaceful intention whenever you interact with others.

4. Apply the 11 Eternal Principles. Stop trying to fight the world and claim your little corner of it to defend against anyone else. Be in harmony with the world, with each other, and with the divine force of creation.

5. Value wisdom over knowledge. We're embracing opinion and knowledge, not wisdom. Be introspective. Slow down, listen, and process the information that comes in, not just from other people, but from the voice of your inner wisdom and intuition. Then you won't be distracted by your fears.


The financial system is going to collapse. Years ago, I predicted Europe would have one currency, and now they have the Euro. I can't tell you what will replace our financial system. I can tell you we won't have mortgages, paper money or banks and financial institutions as we know them. There will be a very different system. This is good because it means the end of financial injustice.

How this applies to you. Don't try to get out of debt right now. Instead, build up a financial cushion of cash you can access. If you feel you can buy property, do it, as it will increase in value. You'll be safe investing in gold and things that are tangible.


2010 is a year with an energy of 3 representing stability (think of a triangle and how stable it is), creativity, and awakening. This is the year that huge numbers of people will wake up to the concept of a monumental shift in the human experience. We start to recognize our opportunity for positive change. Resistance and denial ends.

World leaders will come together and make some serious progress in solving our global financial crises. They'll truly realize that no country can fix their problem on their own and we've got to start erasing some of the debt that is crippling everyone. We'll see the beginning of major changes in the financial system globally.

President Obama, big crisis and challenges to his presidency in April and October.

He planted some seeds in 2009 and needs to see that things didn't work the way he thought they would which leads to these crises. He needs to reevaluate and be more flexible in his decisions, for his own good and the good of everybody.

We'll experience earthquakes and hurricanes that are more intense than in the past. I see a major earthquake in California.

We are going to wake up to the reality that we can't resolve anything by being in the middle east or Afghanistan, that these wars can only continue to harm us and others.

In 2010 and in 2011, we'll get a clearer picture of how we're being affected by global warming; it may not affect us exactly how we thought it would. Our understanding of it will shift.

We'll be less caught up in celebrity because we'll find it increasingly difficult to distract ourselves, because our problems are so big. We'll be hearing from new voices, not the same old people giving us their opinion.

This is a time of preparation for big changes and we sense that. We are going to embrace new ideas and become more creative in our responses to what's happening. The first response was fear and denial and now we're getting busy and creative and the energy supports that.

Around Oscar time, in Feb., something major will happen that will affect the presentation of the Academy Awards, that will take our attention elsewhere, to the news stations.



Dr. Carmen Harra

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