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March 10, 2012



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January 23, 2013

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Internationally recognized psychologist, best-selling author and musician Dr. Carmen Harra is an in-demand counselor to everyone from powerful politicians to Hollywood royalty. Her integrative approach to mind, body, and spiritual healing is rooted in traditional psychology as well as alternative healing and hypnotherapy. An expert in the fields of both psychology and parapsychology, Dr. Harra believes that every individual can manifest his or her own reality and seize control of the future. She has helped people all over the world achieve happier, more fulfilling lives.



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"Your love and care for all of us your listeners and fans is so much appreciated.
I hope you realise how invaluable you are and how we love you.
Thanks again, I will let you know how things go." - S.F., Ireland


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Dr. Harra shows you how to determine Soulmate vs. Life Partner


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7 Simple Secrets to an Amazing Relationship

Of all the relationships we experience, love relationships are perhaps the most complex. They are strenuous in that they take a real toll on our emotional wellness. They are lifelong in that one romantic chapter can cause an impression for the rest of our years. A ruptured friendship may leave us saddened but not broken, whereas a breakup or divorce can leave us utterly devastated. Indeed, there is something about the force of love that shakes the very foundations of our soul. Maybe it's love that makes the world go round, after all. Read more...


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